Covid 19 Update Tier 4

23rd December

Following this evenings Zoom Board Meeting, please see below the amendments to the current procedures. We will keep all our social media platforms updated as things change. Wishing all our staff, members, guests and visitors a safe, healthy and Happy Christmas and New Year.
Thank you all for your continued support through a very difficult year, best wishes from all the Club Directors.

COVID-19 Update

December 23rd 2020

With the situation changing very quickly, please keep an eye on your emails, our social media pages and website for updates.

England Golf Update

December 2020

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Risk Assessment Covid-19

1st December 2020

Attached the updated risk assessment.

Play Safe Stay Safe

England Golf Update

September 23rd Update

Local restrictions 14/10/2020

England Golf Update

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England Golf

CEO's letter to golfers

England Golf CEO Jeremy Tomlinson

England Golf to respectfully challenge the government's rationale for closing golf courses.


2nd November 2020

Dear Member,

On the basis of the information we have to date, the course and all practice facilities will be closed from midnight on Wednesday, 4th November and will remain so until 2nd December.

We are aware of the work being put in by England Golf and the Parliamentary petition to try to get the Government to change its mind and allow golf to continue. Although the worst is expected any decision will not be certain until all of the detailed guidelines are published and Parliament votes on it on Wednesday. In the meantime, should you need to remove anything from your locker or trolley store please do so by the end of Wednesday.

BRS will be cleared from Thursday, 5th November and will reopen again for booking as soon as we get permission to return to golf, in whatever form that may be. As we did during the last lockdown, we shall keep you fully informed with regular updates.

Kind regards,
Bill Carson

Re-opening Procedures

November 17th 2020

Dear Member,

We are almost 2 weeks into the latest lockdown which hopefully means we are only a further 2 weeks away from being out of it again! - Subject to what the Government says of course!

Clearly, at the present time we cannot be certain exactly when we will be up and running, and indeed, what level of restrictions will remain in place. Will the clubhouse and bar be open, will 4 balls rather than 2 balls only be allowed for example.

As you know we introduced some temporary procedures at the point we reopened following the Spring lockdown, which were updated at various points between then and now to reflect the numerous changes to the guidelines made by the Government and England Golf. Continuing with that approach we will be issuing a further update in about a weeks time which will be based on as much knowledge of ongoing restrictions that we have at that time. Our current assumption is that we will be allowed to operate in the same way as immediately before this latest lockdown started.

Therefore, most of the current temporary procedures will remain the same as we currently have, but we are conscious that with the shorter daylight hours available, pressure on tee-times will be greater.

Consequently, for at least the period leading up to Christmas, no visitor bookings will be allowed more than 24 hours in advance. (There are one or two long standing small society bookings during this period which will be honoured)

There will also be restrictions on the number of guests a member can sign in. For this period it will be 1 rather than 3.

We are also reverting back to 2, the number of bookings an individual can make during the peak booking hours of 8.30am – 11.00am, Monday to Friday.

The reserved weekend slots for workers will also be preserved during the month.

Prior to this lockdown we also said that from the start of December we were going to increase the advanced tee booking period on BRS to 14 days rather than the current 7 days. In light of the uncertainty of what restrictions will be in place from the 3rd December, and the decision to not have any visitor bookings during this period, we are going to remain with the 7 day advanced period at least during December. We anticipate moving to 14 days from the New Year subject to the situation at that time.

We remain in unprecedented times and hopefully the above will go some way to ensuring that we can all start enjoying playing golf again soon.

The full details of the updated procedures will be issued next week, and will of course be subject to further change if more details of their plans have been issued by the Government before then. In the meantime we hope you all remain safe.

Many thanks

Bill Carson
On behalf of the Board

Reopening Procedures

24th November 2020

The course will reopen on Wednesday 2nd December.
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